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Event management

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Organizing social events has become a prominent and frequent form of internal and external the Saint Wenceslas Czech Beer Celebration 2011 - Congress Hall, Hotel Ambassador Praguecommunications. Through social events, both formal and often very informal, we can communicate all kinds of ideas, opinions and attitudes to a wide range of target groups that are important to us.

Over the years, we have organized both small and large events for 30 to 250 persons in some of Prague’s best hotels such as the Ambassador - Zlatá Husa, Prague Hilton, Holiday Inn Prague Congress Center, Intercontinental, et al. We have held smaller events in restaurants, including U Vladaře, the French Restaurant in the Municipal House, the restaurants at Hotel Adria Prague, Hotel Paris, etc.

In most cases, the event coincides with the issuance of a press release or distribution of press kits. In other cases, we arrange an interview either before or after the event with selected individuals who have something to communicate about the event or topic.

We are honored to have been able to organize events such as the new beer festival or, banquets and parties for the Czech Beer and Malt Association and various thematic meetings.

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