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For our clients we prepare also other press materials – above all press releases, which are an essential communication tool for contact with the media, but also press kits and articles. Moreover, we write speeches for special occasions and create presentations for companies, associations and institutions and their products or presentations communicating positions on selected issues, in both Czech and English.

A press release is a one-page communication used to present basic, often very topical information about what is happening in a corporation, company, organization or institution. It may encompass a report on financial results, personnel changes, new products and services, an award or honor bestowed upon the institution or its staff, a reminder of its anniversary, etc. A press release always includes a personal statement by a selected company spokesperson, which may be a high-level executive, a department head or expert, or someone outside the company or institution; regardless of who is chosen, the underlying principle is that they comment on the message contained in the press release. A press release can also be a very effective form of proactive communication in cases where we anticipate a problem in the market or within the company, society, etc., and we want to preclude having to react to a story in the media. It can also be used as a method to minimize the impact of a crisis situation with all its consequences. Press releases are often used as the basis of articles or reports by all types of media.

A press kit is a two to three-page communication intended for the media that generally offers a more detailed and deeper look at a given issue. It may be distributed to one or multiple media outlets.

An article is another form of communication whose content can be substantially more extensive than press releases or press kits. Articles are frequently written for a specific medium and can provide a more detailed view of a given subject or issue. In addition to photos, they may also include charts, graphs, tables, etc.

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