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An important part of communication is the ability to intelligibly, clearly, interestingly and professionally present one’s ideas, opinions, projects, etc., to the professional or general public. In short, to make the audience understand the topic at hand and thus assist in promoting the idea. Seminars are among the best ways of accomplishing this. While they are primarily intended for professionals, or in some cases for the media, the information disseminated therein can also reach the general public via publicity in the media.

In 2006, we organized a competition for young chefs as a way to introduce an oft overlooked yet interesting and healthy type of meat – turkey – to the latest generation of culinary experts.

Similarly, we have created and offered educational seminars to clients producing potato products or seminars for vocational trainees preparing to work in the tire service industry.

In 2008, we had the opportunity to collaborate on preparing and implementing two specialized seminars, hosted by the Czech Beer and Malt Association (www.cspas.cz) as part of its Responsible Breweries Initiative project (www.iniciativapivovaru.cz). The first was called “The RBI Code of Conduct and the Principles of Self-regulation in Advertising,” and the second “Self-regulation in the Brewing Industry and Its Application in Practice.”

In 2008, we also prepared a professional seminar meant to take place at several locations in the Czech Republic and whose aim is to introduce an international property leasing company to the Czech market. We created the professional and organizational elements and suggested appropriate partners to complement the main partner in this endeavor. The project, however, has been temporarily suspended pending an upturn in the real estate market.

Presentation skills, i.e., the ability to professionally, optimally present projects or grab the media or the broader public’s interest, are the subject of a course that we have offered and conducted for clients. The seminar not only teaches participants how to put together a good presentation and then present it effectively, but also includes an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the presentations that were presented to us therein. Once the shortcomings in the participants’ presentations are pointed out, their lectures become more interesting and impressive, garner more attention and are much more appreciated. We recommend that our clients repeat a presentation after 6 to 12 months so we can evaluate their presentation skills and thereby monitor their progress.

The company PORT spol. s r. o. now offers the organization and hosting of strategic seminars, the aim of which is to analyse the position and situation in the firm by means of a managed discussion, and to find solutions for the further progress and development of the firm. We organized these strategic seminars for our clients in the years 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. These seminars are designed for the top management of the firms and institutions and for their management bodies.

In 2009, PORT spol. s r. o. was invited to organize the competition of special and unusual beer within the framework of the gastronomy festival Grape of Znojmo (Znojemský hrozen). The third year was held in 2011 and you will find more details in the next section of our website.

Since 2013, we have been organizing a competition for the general and most of all for the professional public named CEREVISIA SPECIALIS – THE BEER SPECIAL OF THE YEAR. It is a competition of special and unusual beer manufactured by breweries in the Czech Republic, which continues with the tradition of a similar competition that was held during the past years within the framework of the gastronomy festival Grape of Znojmo (Znojemský hrozen).

Unlike the past years, the competition is different, for example, in a new competition category open for mixed beer (i.e. low-alcohol drinks made by mixing beer with a fruit component). The logo of the competition is also new, created by a graphic designer and publicist Pavel Jákl.

The company PORT spol. s r. o. was the promoter of the competition again, with the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, a.s. being the traditional professional guarantor. The competition results were declared during the Země živitelka exhibition 2013 held traditionally in České BudDuring the gastronomy festival Grape of Znojmo (Znojemský hrozen) 2014, we participated organizationally in two professional seminarsějovice.

In October 2013, we participated in organizing a seminar named “The Czech Beer Phenomenon” within the framework of the gastronomy festival Grape of Znojmo (Znojemský hrozen) 2013. The seminar was prepared by the festival partners, the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, a.s., and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Rep. The seminar was hosted by Josef Vacl.

Recently, the fifth year of the competition CEREVISIA SPECIALIS – THE BEER SPECIAL OF THE YEAR was opened. The results were declared on the 16th October 2014 during the gastronomy festival Grape of Znojmo (Znojemský hrozen) 2014 in Znojmo. Please find detailed results in the section Press releases.

. The first one was designed for the microbreweries, and the second discussed the possibility of extending the festival programme with a competition of websites. Please find details in the news in this part of the section.

Details can be found in other parts of our website.

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