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Media Relations. Media audit – study of standing and role of company or institution in the media. Proposals for establishing company/institution philosophy, strategy, and tactics for media relations. Comprehensive organization of press conferences – drafting concept and plan of event, proposing key message and conveying it via printed materials, identifying suitable media, organizing the press conference itself, and, upon request, conducting the event. Drafting presentations for press conferences and other gatherings with the media. Publishing press releases and press packets. Drafting articles. Media monitoring of companies or institutions and their competitors; analyses, evaluations of media coverage; proposals for follow-up measures. Identifying opportunities and topics for interviews; preparing and arranging interviews. Provision of press spokesperson services. Administering web sites. Arranging study trips for journalists. Media training.

Marketing Communications. Introducing new products and services on the market. One-off and long-term campaigns. Communication support for existing products and services. Organizing professional conferences, seminars – securing lecturers, comprehensive technical and organizational arrangements.

Organization of Social Events. Identifying target groups. Drafting thematic suggestions, preparing event plan. Producing and distributing invitations, verifying attendance. Finding suitable venues for social events. Securing entertainment. Organizational and technical security. Follow-up evaluation of event’s success.
Production of Publications and Other Printed Materials. Drafting concept, proposing content, graphic design, selecting photos, etc. Annual reports – proposal, producing content and graphic design, distribution. Newsletters – informational and thematic focus of informational materials. Bulletins, regular periodicals. Non-periodical publications, brochures, catalogues, and other printed materials.

Internal Communications. Auditing and evaluating current state of internal communications. Pinpointing weak areas, trouble spots, and potential threats as well as identifying areas where communication works well. Proposing optimal communications strategies and tactics. Professional training for management of companies and institutions. Creating periodical and non-periodical materials. Intranet. Organizing social and motivational events for employees (see also Organization of Social Events).

Crisis Communications. Analysis of potential crisis situations for companies and institutions. Drafting proposals for preventing crisis situations. Creating internal procedures manual for handling crisis situations. Training individuals working in crisis management teams. Should a problem exist or arise, proposal of solution. Professional consulting in the event of ongoing crisis, working with target groups and the media. Follow-up evaluation of how a crisis was handled, proposals for preventing such problems and minimizing their impact. Establishing and manning crisis hotlines.

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