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Something New: Unique Czech Gluten-Free Beer for Celiacs Is Coming to Our Market

Prague, 6 October 2010 – The Research Institute of Brewing and Malting (RIBM) has successfully finished the research and development of a technology that allows making safe beer for celiacs. The project team of the RIBM, led by Ing. Josef Škach, CSc., created a unique technology where the principal ingredient of beer made for people who suffer from celiac disease is Czech malt mashed in a special way and exposed to modified primary and secondary fermentation. A part of malt can be also substituted with buckwheat malted, using a specific method that is also patented. The sensory properties of imported beer have always considerably differed from those of typical Czech beer because they are made with ingredients unusual for Czech beer, such as corn, millet, buckwheat or rice.

“The new type of beer not only meets the strictest limits on the contents of substances dangerous for people with gluten intolerance but also retains all the typical taste properties of Czech beer,” said RNDr. Karel Kosař, CSc., the director of the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting in Prague. “It is a very positive step in the selection of gluten-free beer in the Czech Republic that has so far offered only imported beer. We feel that this will help those who suffer from this serious disease and will improve their life a little because they will be able to enjoy Czech beer without worry,” added Karel Kosař.

The project, which was realized with a financial contribution of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the CR, is a great example of putting research results into practice. New, topnotch pilot mash tuns financed by the Municipal Office of the Capital City of Prague and the European Union were used in the research. The research results intrigued Žatecký pivovar, spol. s r. o. that implemented the gluten-free technology and made the first batch of beer called Celia, in cooperation with the RIBM.

“The special thing about this beer is that it has all the properties of a typical Czech lager, i.e. rich white foam, golden color, pleasant malt smell, refreshing zest and balanced taste – a mixture of initial sweetness and delicious bitter after-taste,” said Ing. Radek Vincík, the commercial director of Žatecký pivovar, spol. s r. o. “This guarantees the taste and all the properties of a regular light Czech lager,” added Radek Vincík.

It will be a lager with the alcohol contents of 4.5%, and this new production technology is being patented. A license agreement will mean for Žatecký pivovar, spol. s r. o. not only an exclusive position on the market but also further cooperation with the RIBM in checking beer production standards as to residual contents of gliadin in every produced batch. This beer will be tested for regular analytical and sensory parameters and furnished with a certificate confirming that it can be consumed by people suffering from celiac disease.

Žatecký pivovar, spol. s r.o. will market CELIA beer in large retail chains, specialized stores and regular beverage and food stores in the CR and abroad to expand the selection of beverages for people with celiac disease since based on the carried-out survey, the selection of gluten-free beer on the market is currently very limited indeed.

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