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Gabriela Basařová, the first lady of Czech brewing and malting, awarded Medal of Merit

Prague, December 19th, 2012 – Professor Gabriela Basařová, a renowned and respected expert and teacher in the Czech brewing and malting sector, was decorated by the President of the Czech Republic with the state Medal of Merit in the field of science and education. She was given the award on October 28th of this year during a celebration of a national holiday at Prague Castle. For the Pilsen native, brewing is not only her lifelong occupation, but also a hobby and passion.

"The award received by professor Basařová merely confirms the significant role she has played in brewing and malting in our country. These fields are full of history and tradition, and above all, many knowledgeable and capable people currently active in both areas,” stated Ing. František Šámal, Chairman of the Czech Beer and Malt Association. “We recognize not only the expertise of Prof. Basařová, but above all, her ability to share her knowledge and skill with her co-workers, and especially her students. They then spread the fame of Czech beer throughout the entire world,” added František Šámal.

Gabriela Basařová studied at the University of Chemical Technology in Prague (VŠCHT), specializing in yeast chemistry and technology. After graduating, she joined Pilsen Breweries, where she worked from 1957–1967. She headed a laboratory and founded a research center which examined possibilities for modernizing the technological procedure of producing world-renowned Prazdroj beer (Pilsner Urquell). In 1967, she left for the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting in Prague, where she founded and headed the biochemical department. From 1978 to 1982, she was the director of the institute.

In 1981, she also became the head of the Institute of Yeast Chemistry and Bioengineering at VŠCHT, which she led for the next 25 years until 2007. She lectured on Malting, Brewing, Wine making, Modern biotechnology and bioecology, and advised dozens of theses and doctoral works for post-graduate university studies. Her students are active in the Czech Republic and abroad in malt-houses and breweries, at universities, and in affiliation with multi-national brewing companies, etc.

To date, Prof. Basařová has written an astounding 538 professional and scientific articles, papers, posters, research and experiment reports, patents, scripts, and trade book publications about our brewing history for the broader public and promotion of Czech beer abroad.

In addition, Gabriela Basařová is a member of the state commission for final testing and thesis evaluation, as well as the commission for evaluation of doctoral work at the VŠCHT Institute of Biotechnology. She is in constant communication with employees of Czech malt-houses and breweries, who consult her regarding operational problems, and she actively takes part in the activities of the VÚPS Science Council and the editorial board of Yeast Industry magazine.

For her many years of activity in the brewing field she has received several prestigious awards.

Professor Basařová has influenced not only the scientific thinking and practice of malting and brewing in the Czech Republic and abroad, but has also made major contributions

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