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Gabriela Basařová and other personalities launch Brewery Calendar 2013

Praha, 19 December 2012 – Professor Ing. Gabriela Basařová, DrSc., legend of the Beer and Malt Hall of Fame, malt scientist and expert RNDr. Karel Kosař, CSc., Ing. František Šámal, chairman of the Czech Beer and Malt Association (CBMA) and Ing. Jan Veselý, executive director of CBMA, sponsored and launched Brewery Calendar 2013. In time-honoured tradition they clinked Czech beer glasses and wished the Calendar many interested readers.

Brewery Calendar 2013 lists on more than 360 pages the most important brewing and malting anniversaries. A very popular part of the Calendar is a detailed and updated overview of breweries with information about their sales figures and product range. Following requests from reader, they were divided for the first time this year into industrial-scale breweries and micro-breweries. There is also a list of malthouses. An increasingly popular part contains beer production statistics by country, continent and producer. The data are valid until the end of 2011. The Calendar also provides information about malt production and major producers, as well as information on domestic and global hop production.

“You will find in this year’s Calendar a detailed overview of all the members of the Czech Beer and Malt Hall of Fame, with which we pay tribute to the personalities who have contributed to the flourishing of Czech beer and brewing,” said Ing. Jan Veselý, executive director of the Czech Beer and Malt Association. These are the people who raised the Czech beer and malt sector among the world’s top and who thus deserve our appreciation,” added Jan Veselý.

The Calendar contains a directory of technical schools, research facilities, associations and firms operating in the brewery sector plus information about raw materials, specialist articles, and tables for brewery practice. It lists the results of major beer competitions in the Czech Republic and comprises a legislative section as our legislation is undergoing continuous development. The traditional content of the Calendar, though it is constantly updated, is complemented by the popular Memories with a Head of Foam.

“The professionals will doubtless welcome an essay on the varieties of brewing barley with an emphasis on the varieties recommended for the production of Czech beer,” remarked RNDr. Karel Kosař, CSc., head of the Beer and Malt Research Institute. “Many readers will certainly find interesting detailed information about the history, the present and the future of the protected geographical indication Czech Beer, or an essay on the methods for determining the safety of malt in consumption,” added Karel Kosař.

The beer and malt sector yearbook Brewery Calendar has a long tradition in our country. It came out with brief intermissions from the end of the 19th century until 1950, when its publishing was topped. Its rebirth took place in 1997, when Brewery Calendar appeared in December 1998. The Calendar has much in common with its model: a similar format, green binding, and above all, the content. This year it is the sixteenth edition of the new series of this popular and useful publication.

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