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Video Clip on Czech Dairy Cream Delight. Bobík has become a star on YouTube.com

Prague, 17th December 2013 - Video clip Yam-Yam with Bobík, a Czech dairy cream delight made by Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s., a subsidiary of the Czech company ACCOM Holding s.r.o. , has been viewed by over 21 million visitors of the world's largest Internet server for sharing video clips, YouTube.com. Launched in the market in 1993, the dairy cream treat, Bobík, is made using traditional, unmodified recipes in flavor variants Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Choco-vanilla. Tens of millions of cups containing this creamy delight have been produced in a great variety of packages over the time of its existence.

"It's an incredible success and excellent present to Bobík's twentieth anniversary. We've managed to create a fantastic phenomenon out of a cute little children's song," comments the responses on the global Internet server Ing. Jaroslav Krajíček, the CEO of ACCOM Holding s.r.o. "Strategically, it has constantly been our principle that Bobík is not just another tasty treat, as it is mainly every child's friend, who is always bringing something new. We communicate with children regularly on the Facebook. Today, it is a brand with an enormous potential and it is only up to us how we make use of it," adds Jaroslav Krajíček.
As part of its promotional marketing, Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s., became general partner of the fairy tale Peklo s princeznou. Every year, Bobík takes off for his annual tour named Bobíkova Road Show, consisting of a series of events packed with various contests and entertainment. Successful were also other projects, e.g., contest with radio station Evropa 2 or sending postcards to children on their name day.
Since launching in the market, the product has undergone a number of innovations. The latest novelties include Bobík with chunks of strawberries, peaches, and with blueberries.

"Even more precious to us is the fact that the product has been gaining a stronger position in the market," said Václav Vejlupek, the sales manager of Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s. "Actually, by now it has tasted good to the second generation of consumers and we are able to come up with new flavors and forms of this popular product," adds Václav Vejlupek.

In addition to successful Bobík, Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s., offers Kapucín, yet another strong and well-known brand that has reached fame primarily in the form of coffee cream and condensed milk. Very popular with consumers also are the following products: Bohunka - a delicious sour cream dessert with fruit, Kapucín and Damsi yoghurts, and instant cream gravy named Mr. Sauce.

"We really appreciate the fact that Czech Bobík as well as other products of Bohušovická mlékárna have reached success not only with consumers, but also with the professional public," said Ing. Jaroslav Krajíček. "Our products regularly win awards in national contests, e.g., Dairy Product of the Year, as well as regional contests, such as Regional Food Product of the Ústí Region and Best Food Product of the Ústí Region. Without a doubt, those are not the last awards we have received," added Jaroslav Krajíček.

The company's production assortment also includes dairy beverages named Bobík- MilkDrink, in several flavors. We are the only producer in the Czech market to offer clinical nutritional product, NutrilaC, which is popular in many hospitals as well as other similar institutions.

To see the video clip, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX2YftFj3Io). Additional information is also available on our website: www.accom.cz

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