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Beer Events Survey: We Want to Taste Unknown Brands and Meet Friends

Prague, December 21, 2015 – The questionnaire survey carried out by PORT spol. s r.o. in June and July 2015 focused on answers to questions what motivates the public to participate in increasingly more popular beer and brewery events. These events play an increasingly more important role in marketing events of breweries and events of towns and villages. The results show that almost 80 % of respondents expect to have the possibility to taste beer they have not come across so far. Over a half of the respondents mentioned that the reason for their participation was a possibility to meet family and friends. The third most attractive feature of beer events is an opportunity to see the production facilities of breweries.

The Czech scientists explore a unique finding of hundred-year-old beers from the Záhlinice Brewery

Researchers opening the valuable findingPrague 9 April 2015 – A team of scientific workers from the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, a.s., opened tree intact corked beer bottles. It is an extraordinary and unique finding of beers, which were incidentally discovered recently during a reconstruction of the long-abolished brewery in Záhlinice in the Kroměříž region. Two bottles of beer, a light one and a dark one, bear an embossed inscription “Záhlinice Brewery with the right to brew” on the 0.7l bottles, and one bottle of light beer bears an inscription “Holešov Brewery”. The researchers lead by RNDr. Jana Olšovská, PhD and RNDr. Dagmar Matoulková, PhD will explore the physical properties and chemical composition of beers that are approx. a hundred years old, which were given to them by Aleš Přinosil, one of the owners of the brewery, the executive of Raven Trading s. r. o.

Miroslav Jiránek in the La Femme Gallery for the third time

Prague, 19th December 2014 - Miroslav Jiránek (*1951) introduces a collection of his newest pieces together with selected older ones in the La Femme Gallery, at an exhibition named Mostly on the Axis. The new paintings are inspired by the thematic trips he took with this gallery. There is the Lake Constance, the Mediterranean, or Brittany. Unlike the previous exhibitions, it also offers non-traditional, different themes. It is held between the 19th December and 15th January 2015.

“The fact that Mr. Jiránek has an exhibition of his newest work of art in our gallery is no coincidence. He is one of our essential, or even one of the closest authors (also regarding the distance of his place of residence from the gallery); he attends joint exhibitions, and this is his third individual exhibition in our gallery,” says Miroslav Lipina, the owner of the La Femme Gallery in Prague. “He is a painter with an intimate relationship to the natural scenery, in whom you must admire the unique ability to combine the love towards nature with the technical preciseness and the sense of detail, which stems from his work with little paint brushes that make the detailed paintings most possible,” Miroslav Lipina added.

CELIA DARK - Introducing Czech gluten-free beer for not only celiacs

Prague, April 9, 2014 - The selection of special beers on the Czech market is expanding. The latest addition is the CELIA DARK beer, which is newly produced by the Žatec brewery. The CELIA DARK beer is a dark, original special lager brewed from Žatec water, Czech barley, Bavarian, color and caramel malt and Žatec hops. Through the brewing process we were able to achieve a rich dark brown color and taste that surprises with its gentle strength and balanced bitterness. The beer has 5.7% of alcohol by volume, and the concentration of the original wort reaches 14.6%. The levels of gluten measured by certified laboratories are below 0.5 mg/100 ml, i.e., well below the standards for the level of gluten established by both the Czech Republic and the European Union. The beer will be offered on the market in a 500 ml glass bottle.

The Žatec brewery increased the production as well as the offering of beers last year

Prague, April 9, 2014 - The Žatec brewery increased the production of beer in 2013 to 34,453 hl, which represents growth of over 1.1% compared to last year. Revenues from own production in the same period reached nearly CZK 54.2 million, which represents growth of 5.6% compared to 2012. The share of keg beer amounted to 53% of total production, bottled beer represented 41% and the remaining 6% consisted of tanks and five-liter kegs. The Žatec brewery does not produce beer in PET bottles.

Danish brewing giant Carlsberg has purchased a stake in the Žatec brewery

Žatec, April 4, 2014 - The owner of the Žatec brewery, British businessman Rolf Munding, has sold 51% of his stake to the Danish brewing company Carlsberg. Carlsberg, the fourth largest beer producer in the world, has -- among other things -- made a commitment to reconstruct the brewery buildings in order to increase the attractiveness of the brewery and the city of Žatec for tourism. This means that the process of the brewery renewal, which began after the ownership change in 2001, will continue and grow. The Žatec brewery, which produced 35,000 hl of beer last year, employs 50 people.

Artists inspired by Bohumil Hrabal and his work exhibit their paintings and sculptures at the Old Town Hall and La Femme Gallery

Prague, 27th February 2014 – Opening of the exhibition Tribute to Bohumil Hrabal on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth took place at the Old Town Hall (Staroměstská Radnice) in Prague. Presented in the event are around seventy painters and sculptors who let themselves be inspired by the writer personality and his work, as well as the film rendition of his work.  Presenting their work is also Jiří Anderle, Adolf Born, Boris Jirků, David Vávra, Michael Rittstein, Miroslav Jiránek, Josef Blecha, Martin Němec, and many others.

Video Clip on Czech Dairy Cream Delight. Bobík has become a star on YouTube.com

Prague, 17th December 2013 - Video clip Yam-Yam with Bobík, a Czech dairy cream delight made by Bohušovická mlékárna, a.s., a subsidiary of the Czech company ACCOM Holding s.r.o. , has been viewed by over 21 million visitors of the world's largest Internet server for sharing video clips, YouTube.com. Launched in the market in 1993, the dairy cream treat, Bobík, is made using traditional, unmodified recipes in flavor variants Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Choco-vanilla. Tens of millions of cups containing this creamy delight have been produced in a great variety of packages over the time of its existence.

The Unique Sensory Research Center in Prague Opens

Prague 15 October 2013 – The Sensory Research Center with unique parameters in the Czech Republic was officially opened in the Research Institute of Brewing and Malting in Prague. It is mostly designated for research, development and innovations in sensory quality of food. Its analytical laboratory section focuses mainly on beverages, in particular beer, while its sensory section tests beer and beverages and its equipment allows to study and test a wide selection of food, food ingredients and regularly used products.

One of the most important tasks of the Sensory Research Center is to examine in depth and to test the typical properties of Czech Beer. The protected geographical mark, which Czech Beer received within the EU in 2008, helps to support its uniqueness and to protect it against those who would like to profit from Czech Beer’s phenomenon. Therefore, permanent care for Czech Beer on a high-quality scientific basis is thus crucial for the future of our brewing industry.

Gabriela Basařová and other personalities launch Brewery Calendar 2013

Praha, 19 December 2012 – Professor Ing. Gabriela Basařová, DrSc., legend of the Beer and Malt Hall of Fame, malt scientist and expert RNDr. Karel Kosař, CSc., Ing. František Šámal, chairman of the Czech Beer and Malt Association (CBMA) and Ing. Jan Veselý, executive director of CBMA, sponsored and launched Brewery Calendar 2013. In time-honoured tradition they clinked Czech beer glasses and wished the Calendar many interested readers.

Brewery Calendar 2013 lists on more than 360 pages the most important brewing and malting anniversaries. A very popular part of the Calendar is a detailed and updated overview of breweries with information about their sales figures and product range. Following requests from reader, they were divided for the first time this year into industrial-scale breweries and micro-breweries. There is also a list of malthouses. An increasingly popular part contains beer production statistics by country, continent and producer. The data are valid until the end of 2011. The Calendar also provides information about malt production and major producers, as well as information on domestic and global hop production.

24 articles in total
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